Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Have I betrayed a friend?

Dear Friend - This is not just a greeting. Do not feel betrayed. Why the new title after today's discussion? It was J's idea to do this. It was either 1) Sipping Tea or 2) Oh Snap! Also, after having the lg. soy cappuccino with an extra shot of espresso today, I felt I was in trouble. For instance, I reorganized my office when it did not need to be organized, purposely squatted to pick up several reams of printing paper and move them to the highest shelf, walked around aimlessly just to shake off the jitters and worst of all it is almost midnight and I feel like doing laundry! This is my wake up call. So farewell to my caramel latte's, cafes con leche and more. Hey, how about I blog about the drinks that I miss. For example, I really love to drink my cappuccinos this way: sprinkling cinnamon and adding half and half. When I could not get out of the house to buy a cappuccino, I would try and make one with the microwave: zap a cup of milk in the microwave, enough time to make it frothy, then add a teaspoon of instant Italian espresso.

1 comment:

  1. You are just as funny as your mother.
    Or... is she masquerading as her daughter. Maybe she doesn't have a daughter... Maybe you are her and she is you, both in the closet drinking stuff with caffeine in it :D
    Can you tell I've been reading her blog too long?